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My name is Dale Greene.  I have been working in the food service industry for 14 years.  I have been a chef, prep cook, Restaurant Manager, F&B Director, and more in a variety of restaurants, hotels and retail food outlets.  I have recently been working to create unique sausages, bacon, ham & deli cuts.  I appreciate food made from scratch, from real ingredients, without the use of preservatives and fillers.


Wild west meats will supply its customers with nitrate, phosphate and bi-product free meat. Offerings will range from prepared, ready to eat entrees to beef jerky, hot dogs, smokies, bacon and deli meats like ham, turkey and roast beef.  All products are made without the use of chemicals or fillers that normally exist in processed meats, and will feature flavours never seen before.


The goal is to provide the customer with a product that they can feel good about serving to their families and friends.  Children can eat smokies and hot dogs that do not contain ‘mystery meats’ and ‘mechanically separated’ beef and pork.  Portion sizes will also be reduced to a more appropriate level from the mainstream brands.


Modern processing involves processes such as using bi-products treated with chemicals to make the product ‘safe for human consumption’.  By changing the cooking process, it is possible to safely prepare a similar product without the use of these chemicals and bi-products. Most process meats also contain high levels of fat.  Though some fat is needed for flavour, the levels can be dropped significantly and substituted for flavourings such as herbs, spices and wine or stock. There are also no gluten products used as fillers, or binders in any of our products.  In fact, there are no fillers used at all.


Deli meats, instead of being processed and reshaped, will be whole cuts, flavoured and smoked naturally.  Bacon and ham will be cured nitrate free with unique flavours and smoked.


Meats used will be sourced locally (within Alberta).  There will be at least one product line, if not all products that will use a natural, hormone free meat as well, also sourced locally.